FCO's inaugural performance in January 1996 presented classical chamber music to an audience of 200 people at the Colonnade Hotel. Since that time, the reputation and audience of FCO has grown -drawing as many 1800 people to venues such as the Dade County Auditorium.

FCO has remained committed to making classical music accessible to all audiences. Classical programs have included "Magic Strings"(1997), "Barroco Concert" (1997), the "Petite Concert for Opera" (1997), and "Homage to Garcia Lorca" (1998), "Famous Cuban Classics"( 1999) among others.

FCO has presented a number of programs giving classical treatment to specific cultural traditions: traditional French music for Bastille Day (1996); Spanish music in a series of collaborations with flamenco dancers Angela Rhea & Co. (1997), 1998, 1999); Argentine music with singer Daniel Bouchet (1998, 1999); African American and Latin Jazz with the group Hot Club USA (1998, 1999); Cuban music with popular singers Albita Rodriguez, Luis Bofil and Maggie Carles.(1997, 1998, 1999); Cuban classical music with Ada de Luque (1999); and Afro-Cuban folklore with the dance company Ife-lle (1996).

FCO has participated in community festivals such as the Miami Centennial at Bayfront Park(1996), Festival CEA at Dade County Auditorium (1997, 1999), and Carnaval Calle Ocho at the Colonnade Hotel (1999). FCO has contributed to the community through benefit concerts for
organizations such as GRASP -Guantanamo Refugee Relief- (1996); the Make a Wish Foundation (1997); and the Latin Builders Association (1998).

FCO represented South Florida throughout the state on a tour of "Spanish Extravaganza" ( 1998) and plans an upcoming tour of Argentine music and dance with Arie Kadurie Enterprises. The upcoming tour will significantly increase both the orchestra's exposure and budget.

FCO has been supported through concert revenues, private donations, corporate sponsorships, and grants from the Miami-Dade County Cultural Affaris Council. Corporate sponsors include Bacardi, Hispamusic, Ocean Bank, and United Airlines.

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